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Review that!

Anything and Everything

Review That! everything and anything
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To give a review of anything and everything
Give your opinion/review about anything!

That’s what this community is all about. TV, movies, books, hair, dinner last night, whatever you want to review this is the place for it.

Please do, to help organize

1. Title should include what you are reviewing and then a category that what you are reviewing could fall under.

Example: google.com – Website

2. Please tag the entry by the category that you have listed in the title


At this point there aren’t any. However I reserve the right to make new ones as the community grows.

Rating System

The preferred rating system, at this time, is 1-10. I feel that this gives the best indication of exactly how you feel about something. I understand how my opinion on this could be contested on the chosen rating system, but hey it’s my opinion and that’s the point of this community to begin with!

Feel free to use any rating system you see fit, however in the future I plan to track what some of the highest rated things have been and find away to list them out on the site with link to the review. This obviously would be difficult if a bunch of reviews are rated differently.

Be critical! It’s no fun when everything is a 10, so use some good judgment when reviewing. Take some pride in your reviewing prowess.


We’re all adults (or maybe we aren’t), I leave deciding whether your post needs a cut up to you. Hopefully we all understand when this is necessary.

Review Structure

No structure necessary aside from the above mentioned title structure. Have your review be as long or as short as you would like it to be.


Requests for reviews are welcome. Feel free to post requests as needed. Just be sure to include request as the category in the title. Any one filling a request by a member be sure to do the review as a post and not as a comment to the request.
Enjoy, have fun, and get creative.