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Movie Review: Surf's Up (2007)

Movie Review: The Firm (1993)

peggle - video game


Peggle is a game I came across when I saw a RSS feed about someone who had a 1 million point peggle shot. I had no idea what a 1 million point peggle shot was so I watched the youtube video and was immediately intrigued by what I saw. So I shot on over to popcap games and downloaded the trial version.

I don’t know who makes peggle, but it’s distributed by popcap games. The game is in the same genre of Bejeweled and Bookworm. The premise is pretty simple, you shoot out a ball from the top of the screen then the ball makes it’s way down the screen bouncing off “pegs” until it falls off the bottom of the screen. Think Plinko and you would be getting the drift. Every time your ball bounces off of a peg that peg gets cleared from the screen. The object is to clear off all of the orange colored pegs to beat the level. The variety comes from the different level designs and different special abilities that you get by clearing different colored pegs.

Peggle serves its purpose very well. It’s a great time waster. Replay value is great because once you beat a level through the adventure mode that level becomes available on free play and you can select whichever special ability you want to use for the level you want to play. In adventure mode each level only has one special ability that can be used with that level, so the variety in free play is great when you are trying to achieve a new high score.

In the demo version of the game you only get to participate in about ¼ of the available levels and only get to mess around with 4 different special abilities. This really isn’t enough variety to enjoy Peggle for any excessive amount of time. I would advise “acquiring” the full version if you enjoy the demo. It’s much of the same but the amount of variety will keep you interested for quite some time. Maybe some day I will see your video on youtube scoring 1 million points.

Demo – 6.5 of 10
Full game – 8 of 10

Movie Review: Speed (1994)

BBC's Robin Hood- Television Series

The BBC recently took up the Robin Hood legend again, with a new series. The second series recently came out but as I'm in Australia, I haven't seen it yet.
Many people were disappointed with the version, saying that it wasn't gritty enough, that it was 'for children'. However, I highly enjoyed it. Yes, they go around killing people but you never see any blood. Yes, there are anachronisms (deliberate ones) and it's definitely not historically correct. Yes, it's light and fluffy. But it had me hooked from the start. It feels sort of like a combination with the Robin Hood legend, Pirates of the Caribbean, and A Knight's Tale. It's got rather modern editing techniques, it's a bit cheesy, it has deliberate anachronisms such as girls wearing heavy eye makeup, etc but it's swashbuckling (only way I can describe it) action, and also just plain cute and funny. I like the changes to the stories that they have made. I also am enjoying the actors and the sets.
9/10 from me.


chuck - tv

Heroes has gotten lame, but my Monday nights have been saved by Chuck. Chuck, if you don’t know is a new hour long action/comedy on NBC. What I love about chuck is how it’s basically two shows in one. It’s partly a show about a guy who is forced into the world of government espionage but mostly it’s a show about a guy who works at a Buy More (think Best Buy). Most of what is appealing about the show happens in the Buy More. The Store manager who just doesn’t seem to care, the asst manager who takes his job way too seriously, the Nerd Herd (the guys who fix computers) staff and the crazy things they do to not get too bored, Chuck’s best friend Morgan, and the undercover agent are all fantastic characters that make every scene in the Buy More a pleasure to watch.

I’m not going to get into great detail about the show. I will tell you one very important thing that hopefully will give you a good understanding of the overall tone of the show. One of the executive Producers and the man who directed the Pilot is McG. McG is the guy who directed the Charlie’s Angels movies. Chuck is a lot like the Charlie’s Angels movies in the way it doesn’t take its self seriously. Chuck is simply for your entertainment and with that in mind I’m sure you will be entertained.

9 of 10

ShopNBC.com - Website

Huh? Why is Jukebox_johnny reviewing a lame shopping channel web-site? One reason … ValuePay!!! ShopNBC lets me keep up with the jones’s without breaking my budget. On_a_hill has a nice pretty laptop and I just got to order a 42” Flat Panel HDTV. These are not the kind of things that young couples, with two kids and one in the oven are usually able to indulge in. But thanks to ShopNBC’s ValuePay we as a family can easily fit some of our unnecessary wants into our tight budget.

ShopNBC’s valuepay breaks down the payments of merchandise in manageable payments over the course of many months. Think of it as layaway, but you get the item upfront instead of having to wait. So that $1200 LCD tv that you want will cost you about $200 over the course of 6 months. All you need is a credit card or visa/mastercard check card and shopnbc charges you the amount every month, with no interest. Pretty good deal. Other sites such as QVC.com and HSN.com offer similar plans, however both only offer the option on select merchandise and the monthly payments tend to be much greater. ShopNBC offers valuepay on every item I have come across and always tends to extend or shorten the months for payments to be sure to leave the price affordable.

I did notice a slightly higher cost for each item available for purchase, but this could be expected considering I’m sure some people never fully pay for the items they purchase and that loss has to be recovered somewhere.

I love being able to purchase expensive items this way. Payments are large enough that I don’t feel like it’s taking me forever to pay something off, but at the same time are just affordable enough for me to fit them in my monthly budget. Now I just have to sit and wait, my TV should be here within a week.

8 out of 10

Movie Review: V for Vendetta (2006)

Hey there, just joined the community and I'm going to re-post one of my older reviews in honour of the Fifth of November.

In honour of the fifth of November

By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universeCollapse )


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